Partners Serbia Welcomes Fulbright Scholar Oriana LaVilla


Oriana LaVilla comes to Partners Serbia from PartnersGlobal in Washington, DC, where she managed US State Department grants focused on social cohesion, human rights, and civil society development in the Middle East. She has experience in training, facilitation and curriculum development, as well as conceptualization and design of civil society assistance and human rights programming. Previously, Oriana worked with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Washington, DC, assisting their Central and Eastern Europe team on regional stabilization, good governance, and political participation programming. In 2012, Oriana spent time studying post-conflict transformation and peacebuilding in Serbia and conducted field research in Sarajevo on the relationship between international and national justice mechanisms and reconciliation in the Balkans. Oriana holds a BA from Scripps College in Politics and International Relations, with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies. As a Fulbright Student Researcher with The Fulbright Program, Oriana will collaborate with Partners Serbia to conduct research centered on civil society’s response to the refugee and migrant crisis in Serbia and opportunities available for improving assistance. She will also provide support for Partners Serbia’s ongoing activities and initiatives.


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