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February 2020 – November 2020

Enabling and Protecting Civic Space (EPCS) INSPIRES project seeks to increase knowledge and capacity of the civil sector to respond to growing restrictions on democratic freedoms of association, assembly, and expression. With civic space shifting rapidly around the globe, faster and more potent interventions are critical for bolstering local civil societies.

The Resiliency+ initiative was launched within the INSPIRES project, as a unique platform for networking and exchange of experience and knowledge between civil society organizations from Serbia, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Georgia. Partners Serbia are actively engaged within this initiative, primarily through strengthening technical and practical skills and organizational capacities of civil society organizations, local and international trainers and experts, as well as other relevant actors.

Within the Resiliency+ initiative, the network of civil society organizations will be established, aimed at exchanging experiences and knowledge, and strengthening the civil community, while through a series of training and seminars, their internal capacities will be improved. In addition, a promotional campaign will be conducted, aimed at raising citizens’ awareness about the challenges the civil society organizations face on a daily basis.


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