Partneri Srbija

PROJECT: Bar Association Mediation Project


In December 2017, Partners Serbia, started with implementation of the Bar Association Mediation Project supported through Matra Embassy Program funding, Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The overall objective of this Project is to strengthen the rule of law and access to justice by raising capacity of the bar association for the use of mediation in resolving disputes. Project ends in March 2019, and includes the following objectives which will support the above stated overall goal of the project: increase capacity of the attorneys in Serbia to effectively represent clients in mediation cases, build capacity of the target bar associations to offer mediation services to its members and various interested stakeholders through internal Mediation Centers, and raise awareness and provide necessary information to citizens and other users.

The outcome of the project will be improved efficiency, increased knowledge and capacities of the target bar associations to provide effective out-of-court dispute resolution services to citizens and legal entities, therefore aiding more efficient judiciary and enabling easier access to justice for the citizens. Additional outcome will also be reflected in the increased knowledge among the citizens and strengthen cooperation between key judicial stakeholders in target communities about the benefits of mediation as a viable tool for resolving various disputes.