Debate “Professional Integrity and Ethics of my Future Profession”


Partners Serbia, in cooperation with the Faculty of Law and Business Studies dr Lazar Vrkatic, organized a debate “Professional Integrity and Ethics of my Future Profession”, on 27 May 2019 in Novi Sad.

Together with the professors and students of all educational programs at the Faculty of Law and Business Studies Dr. Lazar Vrkatic, we discussed about the importance of professional integrity, the ethical codes that different professions should have, the sanctions that these codes regulate, plagiarism, gifts, corruption, leakage of data from the Ministry of Interior and other institutions, inhuman treatment, life imprisonment, etc.

The goal of this debate cycle, which Partners Serbia has been organizing since the beginning of the year, is to contribute to a better understanding of important social values: democracy, rule of law, accountability and freedom of speech. Also, the purpose of the debate is to encourage students to express their views on these topics and participate in activities and initiatives that help the protection of these values ​​in their local communities.

The debates are part of the Future of Freedom of Information in Serbia project that Partners Serbia are implementing in cooperation with the Bureau for Social Research (BIRODI) and Law Scanner, which is supported by the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia. The Project aims to actively involve civil society organizations and young people (primarily students) in defending the public’s right to know, in order to ensure the use of transparency and accountability standards in Serbia. In addition, through strengthening mechanisms for citizen participation and free media reporting, the Project promotes and supports the rule of law, primarily in the context of European integration, thus contributing to the reform process and the entire process of democratization of society.

Two more debates will be organized within the Project.


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