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CSOs Facing Uncertainty across Continents amid the Pandemics – Three-day Summit of Expert Panels, Group Discussions and Workshops


Within the Resiliency+ initiative, a three-day virtual cohort meeting was organized from March 10 to March 12, 2021, gathering over 100 participants, civil rights activists from Ecuador, Georgia, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Serbia and Tanzania, along with represenatives of USAID, Internews, ICNL, R4D, DevLab, PartnersGlobal and Partners Serbia. The event presented a unique opportunity to reflect on global challenges and obstacles to civic space by learning and discussing about specifics in some of the regions with fragile democracies, and share best practices to better respond, adapt and overcome such civic space shifts.

The first day provided opportunity for old and new cohorts of organizations to meet one another and, through a series of workshops, share any experiences, successes, and challenges concerning their participation in the Resiliency+ program and discuss the most prevalent threats and their new manifestations and how they impact the civil society sector.